The links below list the chapter titles of Smartphones and beyond.

The links go to web pages containing extracts of the current draft of the chapter in question.

  1. Visions of smartphones
  2. Forecasting Symbian success
  3. Before the beginning
  4. Die like IBM, or die like Apple?
  5. Encountering the phone industry
  6. Death Star or Nova?
  7. Roadmaps and overreach
  8. The first successful smartphones
  9. DFRDs in turmoil
  10. The Nightingale pivot
  11. Designs by collaboration
  12. Typhoon and other storm waves
  13. Predictability and agility
  14. The near-miss merger
  15. Apps, apps, apps
  16. The superphone experience
  17. Disruptions on all sides
  18. Google on the horizon
  19. UIQ’s final flurry
  20. A new world of openness
  21. Seaside, Freedom, and the last supper
  22. Too much openness
  23. A divided foundation
  24. The merger that failed
  25. February 11th
  26. Symbian retrospective
  27. The core smartphone skillset
  28. Visions beyond smartphones
  29. Afterword

The final few chapter links will be provided once the corresponding text is available for pre-publication review.

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